Brookdale Farm - Hollis, NH

Friday, October 21, 2016

A favorite place of mine to go is Brookdale Farms in Hollis, NH. We have been going since I was a young spring chicken back in the 1800's, and I wanted to continue that tradition with my kids. 

Speaking of spring chickens, Marin LOVED them and would get upset if we tried to walk away.
"See this?"
We woke up this goose (which I called a swan at first OH MY LANTA GET SOME SLEEP MELISSA) and he had a feather in his nostril and the 4-year-old in me laughed a little too hard.
Sweet baby hair is getting long! Only 14 more years until I can put it in a pony tail.
Love these two.
Jack is so good with Marin (77% of the time). You can tell he really watches where she goes and is protective of her. My man.
"Can I kiss this sheep too?"
"How about you, Auntie Grace? My mom said no, so I will ask you. Can I kiss this guy or what?"

Back to the swans. #willneverlivethatdown
Am I lucky or what? Perfect little kids.
I wanted to get them both smiling and sitting so nicely and then I realized that that is not happening so I took one picture and said "good enough" Jack is hilarious anyways so it is perfect in my opinion. It shows my funny, spirited 5-year-old and my 18-month-old who is always on the go. These are the pictures you look back on and remember them at that age. Then you go in your closet and cry. 
Marin does this thing where she will sit randomly and say "cheeeeeese!"
I clearly don't mind!

Precious girl with her "pummins"


And as always, I love their shop and picked up some succulents and little holders for them for our master bathroom! I wanted to explore some more but...children.

Love these candle holders below.
And this giant bowl!

Love those cuties. And that place! I hope you are enjoying your fall so far! Have a great weekend!
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