Davis Farmland - Sterling MA

Monday, October 17, 2016

There's nothing better than Fall in New England! The trees, the pumpkins, the fun fall activities and all that bidness. We ventured out to Davis Farmland last week and had a blast! Davis Farmland is incredible. We went in the summer a few times to the water park and play area and were there for HOURS. There is stuff to do for kids of all ages and the food is actually super delicious. Since the corn maze was open, we went to that side and the wind was out of this world but we all still had fun. I think I may need a bouncy house in the back yard! 

Jack loves American Ninja Warrior and I have a feeling that he felt like he was on the show!

There were little baby mice running around and were so cold! The kids loved to see them and pet them (very gently)

I think their favorite was the big slide! Even Marin loved it!

Marin also tried to kiss the farm animals a few times. My inner self was screaming GERMS GERMS GOAT DISEASE GERMS. But I let her give one a big peck.

Love that little munchkin and her kisses that I get ONCE A WEEK I SWEAR.
So we crossed off going to a fair from the Fall bucket list! Yesterday we got our big ol' pumpkin and apples and we have Jacks halloween party this weekend! I can't wait to share that with you. Happy Monday!
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