Halloween Party for kids!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great day with your kids and celebrate this fun holiday and stuff your face with all of your kids candy (you have to make sure that its safe, right?!). Last weekend we had Jacks Halloween party! It was so much fun! Jack said it was the BEST day ever until he ran eye first into a doorknob and declared it the WORST day ever. Ahhh, life with kids.

So a few weeks back, I made some Halloween invitations with PicMonkey. I love that website! They have fun themes to use and I chose the "trick or treat" theme since it wasn't too spooky for the kiddos. Before I created the invite, I checked with the teacher if it was ok to send Jack to school with the invites to put in the other kids folders. Once I got the green light, I prayed all 23 kids didn't RSVP yes! (KIDDING NOT REALLY)

We had a fantastic turn out and any more it would have been too much. My goal was the kids eat, carve pumpkins and play games! I had plans to do the games outside, but it was rainy and cold, so we moved the games to our basement! I was in charge of pizza and dessert, the other moms brought appetizers and juice boxes. My Mother-in-law was awesome and brought the games! The kids loved it. It was a team effort and such fun!

For desserts, I made cupcakes and used cookies to look like graves, and wrote "RIP" and "BOO" with black icing. I bought this cupcake set off of Etsy and have always been such a huge fan of Meri Meri products, especially the cupcake kits! The monster stand was a steal for $5 at Target!

 I also made pudding with crushed oreos and gummy worms. These were fun to make!

 For the Mommas, I made a cocktail out of grape juice, sprite and vodka. I wanted to make it stronger since it kind of tasted like juice, but also realized they are driving home that day...take it easy, Melissa!
 I had purchased this banner from Etsy as well to hang outside, but since I ran out of time to string it together, I took pieces of it and taped it to the walls...bada boom bada bing. When Jon came back with the pizza, we put it on the stove top. Pizza is fast and easy and barely any pick up. I also grabbed the "Halloween grave" sign and "31" sign from the Target dollar bin as well. Both were only $3 each and excellent quality.

 The island is where I always put the appetizers. It is easy to walk around and where everyone socializes. Once the Mom got here, she put her bowl down easy peasy lemonade squeezy. Since our counters scratch if the heat goes on too quickly, I put black cloth from Party City down to avoid it. The bowls, plates and napkins are from Target, the purple plate and cups are from my Mom last year. The spider web on the black cloth is from Michaels!
 Here are a few more fun pictures from the party!

 She looooves her brother

I hope you have a great Halloween! I will have a baby cow and Batman, what about you!?

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