Simple Halloween Decor

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I have a question for you. What sounds rhymes with Gallowfeen? WALLOWDEEN! YOU ARE RIGHT! Ok, you didn't fall for my horrid joke. So its Halloween. WOOO! I totally enjoy Halloween but it isn't something I go crazy for in the decoration department like Christmas. But with Jack having a party and the simple fact of having two kiddos, I decided to do some fun but simple decorating.

Jon totally loved this. MUAHAHA. Yes those are fake bats hanging from our dining room light. 
YOU'RE LUCKY THEY AREN'T REAL!! (Maniacal laugh)
Jack loved it and Marin thought they were cats for some reason.
I loved this ghost that my mother-in-law gave me! So cute and perfect to hold our maters. Thats to-maters.

Now my question the heck do I photograph my window with the faucet? I tried my best. I love this window and love to decorate it. The large pumpkin is from T.J. Maxx and I HAD to have it. The candle from Target and it smells like heaven. The cute little sign is from a little shop here in town.

I also grabbed this cute Pumpkin light from T.J. Maxx.
Here's our mantle. The TV makes it hard to decorate with anything that has height to it. So four mini pumpkins and this bat garland from Target was perrrrfect.

One thing I have been doing is adding Jacks school work and art projects to our basement door! It warms up the house and since our fridge isn't magnetic, gives us a fun place to display his adorable creations. Just love him!

So that is it for the inside. Jacks Halloween party is this Saturday so I will be going a little cray inside AND outside. Can't wait to show you. 

Ready for another bad joke?
Too bad.

What is the mummy’s favorite musical program?
Name that tomb!

Ok, I will leave you alone now. 

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