Halloween 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This was it, folks. This was as good a it got...haha! An 18-month-old will not pose with her brother. ESPECIALLY after being bribed. That made it worse. But that's ok. We still had a blast! 
At first she was NOT having it. Even demanded to stay inside. But Jack convinced her and off we went!

 Off they go!
 Jack is so fun and was SO excited. Jack is famous in our neighborhood, so everyone loved to see him! His batman mask was quickly taken off, so some had to guess who he was. Marin decided for the bunny costume rather than the cow.

 It was very cold! They quickly decided they had enough candy and wanted to go back home and sort the stash. Of course I had to test the Reese's to make sure they were safe. The tootsie roll pops were deemed POISONED and to only be consumed by a woman named Melissa. They understood.
I hope you had a great HALLOWEEN! NOW BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! Frost was alllll over the grass at the bus stop this morning. ITS A SIGN! SANTAAA!!!!!

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