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Monday, October 30, 2017

Well helllllllloooooo dolly! It has been a long time since I have posted here. Almost a year actually. To be honest, I have desperately wanted to share but lost my mojo with a 6-year-old who won't sleep without someone and a very, very active two-year-old. Life with two has been a big change. I know some of you are throwing your heads back with laughter, but it is true. There have been a lot of changes in our life as well! New jobs, new schools and we sold our house! Crazy, yes, but necessary. We will miss the town that we lived in and the friends that we made, but we know moving forward with this chapter was the right move to make. That and I don't think Jack would want to share a room when he is ten with his 6-year-old sister ;-). We have already made great friends and Jack is thriving in a new school, making friends and his teacher is incredible!

Speaking of kids, Marin is a spit-fire and absolutely hilarious. But boy, the sass is real. Not fake. Real. Like, bigly real. So that has been a change and a half. But my goodness we just adore her! As I am typing this, I am at the cafe in our gym while Jack plays with her in the kids area. Anyone else have to do that? I literally took them here to play so I could shower and eat in peace for two hours. Life of a Mom ;-) I am one lucky Mama though. The luckiest!

I can't wait to share more with you about the kids and our life like I have done in the past. You'll see our trip to the Cape for a week in the summer, tons of summer fun, the King Richards Faire, and a lot of local fun that I want to document and share. We are in the thick of moving right now and once that fog is clear, I'll be able to blog regularly again.

In fact, one of the biggli-est (I may make a lot of Trump references..it is hard not to!) reasons that I am blogging again was a sweet message from a reader I received a month ago and a few messages on Facebook from friends. I never realized how my posts made them feel "not so alone" as one put it and I made them smile often. That to me is what life is all about. To know that I bring laughter and love into peoples lives is like icing on the cake for me. So thank you, for reaching out and inspiring me to write again. You're the chocolate to my milkshake. The salt to my french fries. And the Kelly Anne Conway to CNN.

XO Mel

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