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Hey there! I'm Melissa and I am so glad you've stopped by my own personal slice of the internet.
Al Gore swears he created my blog, but he's lying...bad joke. 

I'm a twenty-somethin', stay-at-home Mama to a wonderful four-year-old, Jack, precious baby girl, Marin and wife to one awesome rock star, Jon. They are the butter to my toast. The ice to my root beer. The...ok, you get the picture. Speaking of picture, we still don't have a family of four picture...give me a few months. I adore them and you will see them pop up more than once or twice on here as well. Pfft, and you thought it was all about me too, huh? (I often think the same)

I started this here blog so I could stop yapping my husbands ear off and share more of our life with family and friends who don't see us everyday. Since then, it has turned into an outlet for me to share recipes, crafts, decor and so much more, with a dash of my strange humor added in.

So stick around and feel free to email me as well. They don't say I have a gift of gab for no reason!
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A little more about Melissa
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